Jeff M. Barnes is an artist, designer, art director living and working in Houston, Texas.

Every object perceived as art, whether fine or decorative, is the result of a thousand decisions. From idea to physical manifestation, any complete work is a miracle, whether in 1508 or yesterday— edits, detours, false starts and roadblocks should all be welcomed as discovery opportunities and a reality of the artistic process..
—It always was— process over product.
Some decisions are intellectual, most emotional, some are spiritual. Some are intuitive, others rooted in a hard won study of methodologies measured against past example. I think successful artistic expression seeks an equilibrium in the creative mind whether conscious or not. In the best cases, it is an intentional refutation of certain convention or expectation.  Inevitably culture and thought moves forward. It is never linear nor easy.  Art history is resplendent with examples of essential expression and creativity faced with adverse suppressive dogma.

—But who calls the shots? Who has the “answer?”
Art exist in continuum where no “correct interpretation or meaning” exists.

I am interested in this paradox. I am interested the the perception of time,  memory and meaning /value. I am interested in the visual vocabulary, iconography and symbols we all have been taught to use. What is the visual shorthand with which we collectively understand  the world ? What are the limits of that understanding? What is the meaning or intention —or 'meta message' underneath or behind that collective “common understanding?”

An understanding of theses fluid guide post of meaning informs how we interact with ourselves and each other every day.  To think critically about this ambiguity is inherent in every aspect of modern existence —computer science and AI, advertising, photography, architecture, politics and even money and wealth- Especially today, it is exceptionally critical that we have at least a basic understanding of a simple yet complex field of philosophy and science— semiotics or “meaning making.”

Jeff is a francophile. He loves the ocean. He has traveled and written about France actively since 2002.  He has personally lead small groups to France since 2010. Art, art history, antiques, design, textiles, architecture, fashion and photographic history inform his offerings. He has traveled with interior designers, antique dealers, seekers, and SCUBA divers through out his career.

Jeff has resided in Europe and the Caribbean.
Jeff is a Professional Association of Dive Instructors advanced Master Scuba Diver Trainer with 20 years of experience.

BFA,  Art History, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
Otis/Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles, CA