A look ahead: Avignon 101 | Home in Provence

Avignon offers central location to all the most interesting antiquing haunts.
May 14, 2024

a brief introduction

Avignon is one of those places that seems to just make sense. Provence is a famed part of the world for a reason! It feels slower and warmer and somehow remote yet welcoming and auspicitous. Yet you are within a stones throw of some of the busiest reigons in Europe. Spain in one direction, the mediterrean and northern Italy in the other. Avignon has been a crossroads for centuries. Romans, Christians, Vandals, popes and intrepid antique dealers have all wandered through. I will point out ruined Roman marble column capitals on the way to dinner and our lovely lodging- Le Mirande- sits in the shadow of the medieval papal palace.

I have been coming here for 20 years, Its proximity to all things antique, makes it a delightful spot to spend a few days of life.

It is more difficult to get from Houston to Dallas than it is from Paris to Avignon.

You will blink and arrive. Logistically and aesthetically Avignon ticks all the boxes. But if you dig past the superficial, you find a delightfully complex community that seems to feel better the longer you stay. Avignon invites you to dream of the villages outside its medieval walls. And return to a warm friend inside the walls.